Asperger’s Syndrome and Color Therapy: The Power of Orange

After packing three bright orange shirts in the luggage of my ten year old son so that his grandparents could locate him easily during a trip, I accidentally discovered what psychologists and color advocates have known for years. The color orange is a terrific color for children with Asperger’s Syndrome.Asperger’s Syndrome, named after the Austrian physician Hans Asperger who first identified the characteristics in the 1940’s, is a disorder falling in the autistic spectrum characterized among other things by a lack of social skills and eye contact, obsessive interests, clumsiness, ticks or compulsive behaviors, and an unusually expansive vocabulary. Being a disorder and not a disease, there is no “cure” for Aspergers, but that isn’t to say that there are not treatments or that children with Aspergers can’t learn to modify their behavior to better fit with their peers. And color is a subtle therapy that can be consciously used to help them learn moderate their emotional state and ultimately their behavior.Based on his skin tone and steel gray eyes, I tended to dress my son in blues and greens, opting for orange on this particular trip because it was his first long adventure sans parental supervision. Orange shirts, though popular in hunting circles, are rarely fashionable in tourist locations and I wanted to give his grandparents as much assistance as possible in keeping tabs on a youngster who tends to wander.Not only did the boy wear the orange shirts exclusively during the trip, he had other choices, but surprisingly they became his favorite shirts upon his return. It wasn’t until that point that I started researching how they must be making him feel.The Eastern teachers have long associated colors with different body organs and systems. For my purpose, it was sufficient to realize that the orange robes donned by many eastern monks were not a random choice. Apparently, orange invokes happiness, joy, creativity, and a positive attitude. It is a great color to mitigate depression, and depression is terribly common in awkward children who desperately want to fit in, but don’t know how. Orange stimulates feelings of well being and social connectiveness. In short, the color orange subtly reinforces many of the areas where Aspergers children face challenges.By dressing my son in orange during an adventure fraught with new experiences and no small sense of apprehension, I was arming him with a color that purportedly strengthened his emotional state, deepened his sense of calmness, and expanded his ability to be social. Talk about the luck of the draw!My son’s positive experience of the impact a single color had on his life opened up a universe of inexpensive and easily available options of alternative therapies and techniques that we can add to our toolbox in this journey of discovery and improvement.


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All-Embracing Web Hosting Solutions

Would it not be exasperating if you go to look up a friend and don’t find him home? Probably, now you’ll understand why your hosting account is so vital. But don’t worry, henceforth your web site’s home can be just like your own; protected, sheltered and always cordial.Web hosting, means being able to link up your website to the World Wide Web. The first thing that comes to your mind after you create your site is to network it to the World Wide Web so that your clients can access your website continually to get information on your products and services.There are various types of web services namely shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and virtual private server. Web hosting service packages are based on the bandwidth which is the quantity of data that your website is allowed to transfer in a specific time frame.Every time your client views your website on the web and downloads it from the hosting server, they utilize your bandwidth. Additionally you are also charged for storage which is the amount of hard drive space that your website has been allocated on the hosting server.Shared hosting means that there are many different websites all residing on one server. They all share the server’s resources. The advantage of this type of hosting is low cost and ease of setting it up. This hosting however lacks flexibility and is slower than other hosting options. This plan is useful for people running smaller websites who don’t require absolute control.Dedicated hosting gives you the use of the complete server, unshared by anyone. It is the fastest hosting and gives complete control over all aspects of the server, but it is expensive and difficult to maintain. This plan is useful for technically sound people who run large and popular websites.Reseller hosting allows the administrator to easily partition his resources to allow clients to have their own hosting account. Its disadvantages are higher cost and it may t not be as fast as a dedicated server. It requires more maintenance. This plan is good if you want to resell hosting to other people and also if you want to run a large number of websites yourself.Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are made by partitioning a dedicated server. Each partition can run as its own individual server. It can be customised by the client as per his need and it is a mid range option. It is a little more expensive than shared hosting. This plan suits people who want to have a dedicated hosting plan at a low cost.There are many hosting companies offering this service today. Choose your service in accordance with your needs. Make sure you get adequate disk space, space for website expansion and sufficient bandwidth. Security should also not be compromised.Popular web hosting companies are providing hosting services in UAE. They offer varied domain registration and web hosting solutions to our clients at reasonable rates. Their packages include hosting services for Linux as well as Windows, phone as well as email support and live customer support.Choose your hosting provider with utmost care for it can be a positive stride for the success of your website.