Nikon D3100 Camera Stands Out As A High Quality Digital SLR

The Nikon D3000 was an amazing DSLR rated as an entry level device that is going to rock the world for amateur photographers who are just starting out with their hobby. When it was launched, the Nikon D3000 was one of the best selling cameras that Nikon has ever produced, being named as the best selling camera in Europe in the beginning of last year.But yes, in time all things will fade and the fact that this camera didn’t have support for Live View was a major flaw that was in the end attributed to its demise. The resolution was also not that great and with a ten point two megapixels CCD sensor and no video recording, it’s clear to why users moved on without it.The fact is that the with the new addition to Nikon’s collection numbering the Nikon D3100 camera, users were now let in on a camera that boasted out a fourteen point two megapixels CMOS sensor and promised results that would be comparable to those of the upper class Nikon cameras.

What makes the Nikon D3100 camera is the fact that it has a very good image processing engine called the EXPEED which allows for the shots being taken to be of a higher quality and boast off a larger sensitivity range. The D3000 model had light sensitivity to ISO one hundred – sixteen hundred with the standard range, while the Nikon D3100 camera has sensitivity to ISO one hundred – thirty two hundred. With the extended modes, the camera is boosted up to ISO sixty four hundred and ISO twelve thousand eight hundred.In comparison with the D3000 model, users will not be able to take advantage of the Live View function that comes with the Scene Auto Selector feature which will almost instantly choose the picture mode that is most suitable for the target being captured in the photo. At the same time, it will also continue to offer normal area, wide area and continuous tracking of the target with face priority focus.On top of that, you will also be very happy to know that the continuous autofocus will also be available when you will shoot videos with the Nikon D3100 camera. And with 1080p resolution for your videos at twenty four frames per second as well as 720p video at thirty frames per second or twenty four point twenty five fps, you can be sure that everything you shoot becomes an instant masterpiece.While most people will need software when they will want to modify some videos they’ve shot with their cameras, the Nikon D3100 camera comes with built-in tools that allow you to edit your video clips. You can cut scenes or even have individual frames saved as images. How cool is that?

Photos can also be retouched and you can mess with the D-lighting adjustments which allow you to “take the wheel” of the dynamic range, distortion correction, chromatic balance, perspective control, red eye reduction, filter effects and many more.Last but not least, the Nikon D3100 camera features a new battery pack which has enough juice for shooting around five hundred and fifty photos before you will have to recharge it. The memory cards compatible with it are Eye-Fi, SDHC, SD cards and the SDXC cards.